2023 Holiday Production & Shipping Schedule

2023 Holiday Production & Shipping Schedule

Holiday shopping is a great time to acquire new customers and give existing customers a new reason to come back and support your brand.  As you (very likely) already know the holiday season is also a crunch time for print on demand and shipping providers, and this year we are recommending to all of our selling partners that starting your holiday sales as early as possible is more important than ever.

In 2023, we have seen a significant improvement with regards to inventory availability across the board from our supplier network.  Our average time to ship a product was 2-3 days so far in 2023.  However, we do expect some inventory related delays and shipping delays.

The best course of action is to work to avoid the bottleneck of last minute shipments and plan your holiday sales and marketing well ahead of time.


The best way to ensure orders are received by your customers in time for the holidays is to pre-empt the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness squeeze.  

Will Black Friday & Cyber Monday Orders reach customers before Xmas?

Currently, we believe most BF/CM orders will reach customers before Xmas, but due to possible shipping delays from the carriers, we cannot guarantee every shipment will reach your customers in time.  This is exactly why we are recommending to get orders placed as early as possible in November.

What Has Apliiq Done To Prepare For The Holidays?

We have purchased additional equipment for our Philly factory, we are hiring production team members, and we are stocking up on the most commonly purchased garments, to ensure the best possible holiday season for all of our selling partners.

Updates to Shipping Rates

Please note: After years of doing the exact opposite, USPS has announced it will NOT be adding a Holiday Surcharge to shipping rates from 10/1/2023 - 12/31/2023.  Please see how to setup domestic shipping rates for more details about our current US domestic shipping rates.

What About Paying for Upgraded Shipping Services or Paying for a Guaranteed Date on an Order During Checkout?

Please note that paying additional costs for a Guaranteed Date will expedite the production of your order and paying for upgraded shipping services means your order will be shipped with a faster service after it finishes production.  As your brand manufacturer, we are relying on goods and materials as well as shipping carriers (to make, ship and deliver your finished products) and those are out of our control.  

Apliiq will not refund shipping or rush production fees if packages are not delivered by your estimated or guaranteed date during the Peak Holiday Season.

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