Artwork API

Artwork API

Artwork API


Upload an artwork


This API allows you to send a file to Apliiq, which will be used to create your finished designs.


Authorization Header: x-apliiq-auth  RTS:SIG:APPID:STATE   

Accept application/json

Request Statuses

200 - OK - product created 

400 - Bad request 

401 - Unauthorized

Request Fields



Artwork name



Image URL - url must be https://

Request Payload Example


  "Name": "artwork 1",

  "ImagePath": ""


Response Example


  "WtoHRatio": 0.87,

  "DateCreated": "2023-08-03T04:54:15.0391237Z",

  "Id": 5623808,

  "Name": "flower api artwork"


Error Codes

  • Success

  • MissingName

  • Max50CharName - Name cannot exceed 50 characters

  • MissingImageURL

  • InvalidImageURL - 

  • base64UnSupported

  • Max12MBFile

  • SaveIncomplete - issue uploading the artwork -

  • ExceptionCaught - additional message 

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