WooCommerce Basic Troubleshooting

WooCommerce Basic Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues syncing WooCommerce products or receiving orders from your WooCommerce store into your Apliiq account, it's best to check the status of the integration to ensure it is setup properly.

We recommend checking your WooCommerce store to see if the Apliiq API Key & webhooks are setup properly.  These elements are essential for the integration to function properly and will be automatically created during the installation process.

You can check the API Key here (1 will be generated for each time you run the install);

You can check the webhook here;

If these 2 essential items are not created in your WooCommerce store it means there was a problem during the installation, and the app will need to be re-installed.  We also recommend checking out the more detailed Advanced Troubleshooting WooCommerce guide

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