Can I Return An Item If I Don't Like It?

How Do Returns Work With Dropshipping?

In eCommerce, returns are just a standard part of doing business.  However, they can present a challenge with a made to order business.  Since you are only creating products when your customer's order, it's very important that you set clear expectations with your customers about your store's return policy.

Apliiq's policy is that we don't accept returns for products.  You can learn more about our returns and exchanges policy here.

What Apliiq Recommends For Returns With Your Store

These are just our recommendations, you are welcome to setup whatever return process you want for your business.  Simply state what your returns policy is clearly in your online store.

If you are just starting out with your clothing line, we recommend you set a clear no returns policy for your customers.  Since you aren't creating products en mass, storing them, and fulfilling them, this is the absolute simplest way to do business.  Please note, even if you set clear expectations for no returns/exchanges, you will still need to provide customer support for customers that may not be completely happy with their order and we recommend being as accommodating as you can be.  There is no better investment that you can make in your business by taking great care of your customers.

If you are an established brand, it may makes sense to setup the processes required to exchange/refund products and this increased customer promise can lead to more sales.  We recommend having customer's send their returned items to your fulfillment provider so they can be added back to your product stock and fulfilled for a future order.  In most cases you will be responsible for additional pick/pack fee, shipping fees, or any order processing. 

What happens if a customer returns a package?

We recommend that you setup your shipping label so that all orders we ship can be returned to your address, not Apliiq's address.  If Apliiq does receive a return for your product we can hold it for 30 days and reship it to your customer or any other location you specify, we only ask that you pay the shipping fee.

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