Apliiq Production Status

Production Status Update

Congratulations to ALL of our Partners on your Amazing Holiday Sales!

As expected, the holiday season is the busiest time of year and both Apliiq factories are operating at full capacity to fulfill your brand's orders before the holidays.

For expected shipping times and schedules, please refer to our 2022 Holiday Calendar

We appreciate everyone's patience!

We recommend you review this guide to creating orders that are likely to ship faster and to avoid more complex orders which will take longer to ship.

Shipping Carriers - 

We see international shipping delays from time to time.  In general domestic orders are delivered in 2 -4 days.

Out of Stock -

In general, most styles from most manufacturers are well stocked.  One pain point product continues to be headwear and even the most established manufacturers are struggling to keep their products in stock.  We have released a simple set of stock management rules you can set for your store to ensure your orders are shipped as quickly as possible.

Philadelphia Factory-

The Philadelphia factory is fully operational and is fulfilling orders for most of the East coast!  You can find more information about the Philly factory here .

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