Steps to Troubleshoot Custom Packaging and Pack-ins

Steps to Troubleshoot Custom Packaging and Pack-ins

Think you have everything set up correctly to take advantage of Apliiq Warehousing only to have your first dropship orders ship without Apliiq using any of your customized packaging and pack-ins?

We don't want that to happen either!    

As Apliiq offers different options for when to use your custom packaging and pack-ins, let's review the following checklist in detail to best troubleshoot where the breakdown lies. 

Step-by-step Checklist to Troubleshoot Warehousing Issues

1) Has Warehousing been activated within your Apliiq account?  

Great news!  Apliiq is now offering Customized Packaging and Pack-ins to our partners!

We require all partners attend an "Activate Warehousing" video chat prior to our Customer Service team unlocking the "warehouse" page within that partner's account. 

So have you signed up for and attended an "Activate Warehousing" video chat with our CS team? 

If not, please click on this link to book a meeting time that works within your schedule.

If so, you should see the "warehouse" page unlocked in your Apliiq account under the "dropshipping" page:

2) Have you created "new packaging" or "new pack-in" products within the Warehouse page in your Apliiq account?

This one may seem simple enough, but we want to make sure you don't put the cart before the horse.  Please do not ship anything to Apliiq without first building that custom packaging or pack-in product within your account. 

You can add your packaging and pack-ins to your Apliiq account on your Warehouse page:
Now, you cannot create a shipment without having some saved packaging or insert products to add to the shipment:

3) Have you created the shipments for both our LA and PHL facilities in your Apliiq account, have you mailed those shipments to Apliiq and have you input the tracking numbers for those shipments in the Warehouse page of your Apliiq account?

It is required to create a shipment that outlines what products and how many items you are sending into an Apliiq factory.  You can also add your shipment tracking number after creating the shipment in your account, so you and your Apliiq team knows when to expect your shipment.   

In the screenshot below, the tracking numbers have not yet been input for either the LA or PHL shipments:

4a) Have the shipments been delivered to Apliiq's factories? 

4b) Has Apliiq received the shipments and checked your customized packaging and/or pack-ins into Inventory?  Is the inventory for each product you have shipped in to Apliiq reflecting in your dashboard? 

Please check your tracking links to confirm Apliiq has received your shipment(s). 

Obviously, Apliiq cannot check into Inventory and receive packages that have not yet been delivered to our facilities and your custom packaging cannot be used to fulfill orders until it has been received at the appropriate Apliiq facility.  The moment the Apliiq team receives your products into inventory, you will see that stock reflected on your dashboard.  

5) Does the facility where the order is being made show your custom packaging and pack-ins as having been received and currently being in stock?

Your customer's end shipping address determines whether our LA or PHL facility fulfills and ships the order.   Apliiq production teams can only use your custom gear when making and shipping your orders if each facility has enough inventory on hand at each facility. 

6) Check the Usage Rules you have created for how we are to use the packaging and pack-ins as that could be the cause of the issue as well.

Ok, for most of you reading this troubleshooting help article, if you followed the steps correctly above, we have already identified where the issue is and we know how to resolve it.

If, however, you are one of the few partners who has gone through steps 1-6 above and have still not yet identified where the process has broken down for your account, chances are that Step 7 is when the other shoe is finally going to drop for you.  

While this will not be an issue for the vast majority of Apliiq partners, there are many partners who have more than one store installed within their Apliiq account. 

As such, we needed to provide the option from the start where we give you the option of building out some store-specific custom packaging and pack-in product solutions.  For example, "please use bag A for store A orders only and use bag B for store B orders", that sort of thing. 

Well, allowing this option from the start has led to a few instances where partners accidentally set up Store-Specific usage rules and then get upset when orders from store B do not also use the Custom Bag product for store A. 

Now, if you have more than one store installed in your account, then by default the Usage Rules you define will apply to all stores WITHOUT having to select all of them:

7) Check to see if the chronology if the answers to the questions posed steps 2-7 above have changed after an order was placed

Our production system very accurately "time stamps" the current status of your account, and its warehousing products and their statuses and inventories, at the time an order is placed.

Any custom packaging and pack-in products that have been successfully delivered, received and counted as in stock when an order is placed will have their picks be automatically assigned within our production system.  If however, the custom packaging and pack-ins are received and checked in after the order was placed then it will take a manual assignment of the picks to the order by a CS team representative.  

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