Estimated stitch counts for embroidery

Estimated Stitch Counts For Embroidery

You are now able to use large embroidery designs on many of our most favorite Apliiq products.

Embroidery is a high quality way to decorate products using stitching and thread to bring your artwork to life.  Up until this time, Apliiq limited the size of embroidered designs you could place on your products to 4" x 4"  (10.16cm X 10.16cm), to control the amount of time it would take to produce the item.  As you can imagine, the larger the artwork being embroidered, the more stitches it takes to create the artwork and therefore the more time and cost it takes to produce the finished items.  

New Estimated Stitch Counts

The Apliiq website has been upgraded to provide an estimated stitch count when uploading your artwork and selecting "embroidery".  The Apliiq website will provide an estimate stitch count for your artwork, based on the size you want it created.   While these estimates are not exact, they provide a good basis to understand the costs for producing larger embroidery results.  

How Is the estimated stitch count used?

The estimated stitch count is used to calculate the additional embroidery fee for large embroidery files the first time you purchase a product.  

Once you purchase an embroidery product, the file will be digitized by the Apliiq artwork team and the true and accurate stitch count will be known for the artwork.  The actual stitch count of the digitized file will be used to price all future sales of the product.  

This means that subsequent purchases of the embroidered product maybe different (higher or lower) than the initial price you paid for the product.  

How Estimated Stitch Counts Are Calculated

Apliiq uses an algorithm to estimate the stich count is based on:
  1. The size you select for your embroidery is the biggest factor affecting stitch estimates.  Larger embroideries will have higher stitch counts.
  2. The algorithm will ignore transparent space.  
To get the most accurate stitch counts using the stitch estimator, make sure to follow artwork instructions for preparing embroidery artwork.  

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