Finding And Exploring Products On Apliiq

Finding The Right Garment For Your Line

We Are Committed To Making The Best Clothing For Your Brand

As your manufacturing partner, we are committed to finding and sourcing the absolute best products for your clothing brand and it's one of the top reasons why fashion brands decide to work with us.   We select products that are of high quality, from reputable manufacturers, and that have established and reliable supply chains.

Exploring Product Options

The best way to explore the available production options is using the top "Products" menu on the desktop website and the "Products" menu in the left hand menu on the mobile website.  Simply select a category you are most interested  to explore the products in that category.

Search For A Specific Style

You can also search for a specific style that you are interested in using the search bar at the top of the desktop and mobile website.  

Please note you can search by garment name, brand, or style number.  For example, Independent Trading Co will return all products from that manufacturer.  Or you can search for a specific style like ind4000 to return just that product.

Don't See The Style That You Want?

Unfortunately, we don't offer EVERY type of clothing you can imagine, but if you don't find what you are looking for, don't be discouraged.  There are still ways we can possibly work together.  For example, if you are placing a bulk order of 20 items or more, it's very possible we can source the exact product you need.  If you are looking to dropship a specific style feel free to reach out to our customer service team and request it, many of our best products have come as recommendations from our partners.

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