Fulfillment URL

Fulfillment URL


sending tracking information when Aliiq ships your order.

Header "x-apliiq-hmac" hmac-value

hmac-value is calculated as follow base64_encode(HMACSHA265([Base64_payload], Shared_SECRET)) 

You may use hmac-value as a way to validate the post is from Apliiq.  You can also include a validation mechanism in your URL if you wish to add further security measures to your end point.

Payload example  
  1. {"fulfillment":{"order_id":"1570656887","status":"success","tracking_company":"USPS","tracking_numbers":["9400111699000516881728"],"tracking_urls":[],"line_items":[{"id":"1570656887","quantity":1,"sku":"APQ-1998244S7A1","name":"cotton heritage polly pocket"}]}}

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