Shopify Dropshipping Getting Started Guide

Dropshipping Getting Started Guide

Shopify Dropshipping Getting Started Guide

Everything You Need To Start Dropshipping Your Clothing Line

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This guide is to help you get started using the Shopify + Apliiq dropshipping app.  If you already have a Shopify store integrating Apliiq to fulfill your products on demand should only take minutes.


  1. Shopify Store - This guide assumes that you already have a Shopify store up and running and does not provide assistance in steps you must do to setup, design, or launch a Shopify store.  You can sign up for a Shopify store, and receive a free trial for 2 weeks.

  2. Apliiq Account - You will need to create a free Apliiq account in order to use the Shopify + Apliiq app

  3. Credit Or Debit Card - You will need to enter a credit card or debit card to being processing orders.

Getting Started (Setup)

  1. Simply install the Apliiq Dropshipping app to your Shopify store.  
  2. Once the app has installed successfully you will be taken to the Apliiq dropshipping setup page to complete the following steps.
  3. Add a payment method (required). In order to begin fulfilling your orders it is required to have a credit card linked to your Apliiq account. Your card will only be charged when a dropshipping order is placed. The card you link to your Apliiq account can also be used as a payment method for sample or bulk orders placed on the Apliiq website.

  4. Upgrade to brands (optional). A brands account allows you to private label your clothing with your own woven label.

  5. Customize Your Shipping Label (optional). This step allows you to customize the from address of the shipping label that is displayed to your customers on packages they receive.

  6. Order Processing Options (optional). By default automatic order processing will be activate, which is the setting we recommend. With automatic processing you don't need to do anything for your order to automatically be fulfilled. You can learn more about manual review of orders here.

Start Designing Your Products
Quick Tip: We recommend you only get started with a handful of products (3 to 5). This keeps your sampling time to a minimum and allows your to rapidly release (and market) new collections.

Create your apparel designs on the Apliiq website. This step allows you to upload your artwork, select your product, and create a digital “mock up” of your product. 
When you are done designing your products, we recommend you order a sample of each product, but it is not required.  To order a sample, simply add your design to your cart.  We recommend sampling for the following reasons;
  1. An artist will review your artwork to ensure it will work for production. Some processes, like embroidery require small changes to your artwork to ensure items can be manufactured.
  2. A sample allows you to take great photos of your products. While a digital mock up of a product is a great start, they don’t compare to real photos as any serious seller knows.
  3. Ordering a sample also allows you to personally assess the quality and craftsmanship of your products. Having a sample on hand is also useful in providing great customer support to your customers.

Sync Your Products To Your Store

Next you need to add the products from your Apliiq account to your Shopify store. You do this by selecting the “dropship this product” option from the customizer or from your saved design page. The price listed with the “dropship this product” option is the price to fulfill that item. You will be charged that fee in addition to shipping fees each time a customer places orders that product on your website.

Make Your Product Pages Great In Shopify

The last step is to finalize your product information on your Shopify site. Navigate to the “products” section of your Shopify admin portal. You will see a product for each product you add from Apliiq. Review and update the following elements for each product (remember great product images & descriptions sell products);
  1. Product Name
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Image
  4. Product Price

Setup Your Shipping Rates in Shopify

We recommend you setup your shipping rates table in Shopify to match the Apliiq shipping rates for domestic shipping.  This will ensure that you are charging your customers the same rates that you are being charged, this way you will not make money or lose money on shipping.  However, there are different strategies you can use for your shipping and there isn't a single "right way" to setup shipping fees.  You can learn more about setting up shipping in this article.

Test Transaction

While it's not required, it is a good idea to submit a single test transaction from your Shopify store for an Apliiq fulfilled product.  This will ensure that the integration is setup and working correctly and give you a great opportunity to test your website as if you were your own customer.  If you don't want us to fulfill your test order please forward your email confirmation to and let us know it was a test order (please don't delay).  We will happily cancel the order and refund your money.

Provide California Reseller's Permit (Optional)

By default, Apliiq will charge sales tax for all shipments shipped to California.  If you have a California Reseller's permit and would like us to waive taxes for California shipments, please email your reseller's permit to, we can attach it to your account and waive so that we do not collect California sales tax on your behalf.

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