Shopify Dropshipping Getting Started Guide

Dropshipping Getting Started Guide

Everything You Need To Start Dropshipping Your Clothing Line

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This guide is to help you get started using the Shopify/WooCommerce + Apliiq dropshipping app.  If you already have a Shopify/WooCommerce store integrating Apliiq to fulfill your products on demand should only take minutes.


  1. Shopify/WooCommerce Store - This guide assumes that you already have a store account setup.  Please note that we don't get into all the details of designing all elements of your online store, we will tackle the key configurations to ensure your brand is setup to make money..  You can sign up for a Shopify store, and receive a free trial for 2 weeks. We highly recommend using SiteGround for WooCommerce as it makes setting up your store as easy as possible.  Unfortunately, we cannot work with you to troubleshoot Wordpress/WooCommerce configuration issues, we recommend you use a really well factored hosting and mangement solution to avoid these issues, like Siteground.
  1. Apliiq Account - You will need to create a free Apliiq account in order to use the Shopify + Apliiq app
  2. Credit Or Debit Card - You will need to enter a credit card or debit card to being processing orders.


Getting Started ( Apliiq Account Setup)

Install the Apliiq Dropshipping App if you are using Shopify.  If you are using WooCommerce, please review our current BETA program guidelines.

Once the app has installed successfully it will take you to your Apliiq dropshipping setup page to complete the following steps.

  1. Add a payment method (required). In order to begin fulfilling your orders it is required to have a credit card linked to your Apliiq account. Your card will only be charged when a dropshipping order is placed. The card you link to your Apliiq account can also be used as a payment method for sample or bulk orders placed on the Apliiq website.
  2. Upgrade to brands (Recommended). This will link you to where you can setup a woven label for your account (more on this below in the setting up your supplies section).

      3. Customize Your Shipping Label (Recommended). This step allows you to customize the from address of the shipping label that is displayed to your customers on packages they receive.  You can see more about the standard packaging we use here.  This will ensure your customers never see Apliiq's name on your packing slips or on your shipping labels.  If you don't feel comfortable providing your address, you can provide your company name, but keep Apliiq's street address.  😉
      4. Order Processing Options (optional). By default automatic order processing will be activate, which is the setting we recommend. With automatic processing you don't need to do anything for your order to  automatically be fulfilled. You can learn more about  manual review of orders here.
      5. Product Descriptions.  This area lets you configure how the dropshipping app will create products within your store.  We recommend you allow the app to create rich product descriptions, which is how the app is configured when you install it.  You will be able to change these settings at any time and you can customize the default product descriptions the app provides when you are creating your products. 
      6. Packing Slip. We recommend you enter a great message.  We will merge this text into each packing slip, which is included when we ship your orders and a message from your brand allows you to improve your customer's experience when receiving your orders.  Some great ideas to include on your packing slips are; links to your social media accounts, your brand's rallying cry, a sincere thank you for supporting the brand, etc.

Setup Your Supplies (woven labels, embroidered patches, & private labels)

One of the most powerful aspects of the Apliiq dropshipping platform is the ability to properly label your apparel products.  This allows you to create professional grade products more cost effectively than you would be able to with other on demand platforms.  However, before you jump in to start creating designs, it's best to setup your labels first, so that you can use the labels during the design of you products.  It's not required that you setup labels, but we recommend it.

1. Private Labels.  Private labels allow us to remove the manufacturer's tags from garments and replace them with your own branded tag, which we will sew into your products.  Simply upload a black and white version of your logo and create your tag.  All tags are created on demand and we strongly recommend you start with a free trial.  When the free trial ends, you will NOT be automatically billed any monthly fees.  You will be placed into a pay as you go program and will only pay labeling fees ($2.50 per product) when you make a sale on your website.  If you have or expect a high volume of sales, it maybe wise to checkout some of our prepaid monthly plans.
2. Woven labels.  These little tags are great for adding professional branding to your products!  They can be placed in many locations, and are used to amplify the branding of your products.  In many cases, you can simply use your woven label and no other print to create very high margin products.

3. Embroidered patches.  While we are able to embroider products on demand for you, we can also create embroidered patches upfront as a bulk order (50 minimum).  By creating the patches upfront in bulk, you can save a bunch of money on embroidery fees, support more detailed artwork that wouldn't be possible as straight embroidery, make larger embroideries, and unlock new placement options.  If you are planning to have embroidery be a focus of your brand or an upcoming collection, we recommend using embroidered patches.

Design your products

Now comes the fun part!  You need to setup your designs within your Apliiq account so that we know exactly how to produce your products.  You will need print ready artwork for all images you would like us to print or embroider.  It's easy to get started in setting up your designs.
  1. Select a product from the top products menu.
  2. Upload your artwork.  Size it and place it on the mock up builder as needed.  Leave a note for our production team with any concerns you may have.
  3. Select "Next" > "Dropship this product" to add the product to your online store.
We recommend you order a sample of each product prior to starting to sell.  This will let you checkout the quality of your products first hand and also allow you to take some great photos of your products that you can use in online marketing and for your website.

We recommend you release 1-3 products at a time and keep your collections small.  It is better to more frequently release smaller collections that releasing larger collections less frequently.

Congrats!  You have now completed the initial setup of your Apliiq account

However, there are also some important configuration options to setup in your store as well, to ensure your store will make you money!

Continue on to quickly setup your Shopify store!
  1. How to setup your shipping rates in Shopify
  2. How to setup your taxes in Shopify

Continue on to quickly setup your WooCommerce store (coming soon)!

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