How Do I Add Products To My Shopify Store?

How Do I Add Products To My Shopify Store?

Getting your products into your Shopify store is a critical step to getting your store live.  After all, we want to drive product sales through your store so it's key to get your products loaded up there.

In order for things to go smoothly, we recommend that you design your products on the Apliiq website then push them to Shopify. The Apliiq website will guide you through setting up your products  so we can fulfill orders on your behalf.  It is also quick and easy for you and it ensures Shopify and your Apliiq account stay in sync.

To add dropshipping products to your store, you must be logged into your account. You must have also installed the Apliiq Dropship app.

How To Create Products

When you design products in the online customizer within the Apliiq website, you can also create it as a product in your online store.  Simply, select the "dropship this product" option from the Next menu.

Add new product to store

This will load up the "add new product to store" option and will create a new product in Shopify and add variants for each available size. It will also transfer the product images from Apliiq into your Shopify store. 

Add Variants To Existing Product

This option will allow you to select an existing product in your store and link more than one saved design in your Apliiq account to a single product within your store.  This option is great for offering a similar design in 2 colors .  Additional photos will be sent and linked to your new variants. 
Please make sure to search by your product name with your store and make sure you select it.

Switch Product To Apliiq

If you have an existing design in your store and you would like to remove all of it's variants and replace it with Apliiq variants, this is the option you need.  Please note, we will not remove or update your product photos or descriptions, it will just remove and replace your variants and product skus.

Product Descriptions

Writing great descriptions for your products helps you to set good expectations with your customers and can help convince them to buy your products.  The Apliiq website will provide you a product description, features, and benefits, as well as a "produced on demand" message for each product.    We recommend that you creatively name your products and customize the base description we provide you to ensure each product tells an essential part of your brand story.

Product Images

We strongly recommend that you order samples of each product and take real photos for each product.  While mockups are great for running production, your customer's  will appreciate solid photos of your products.

A Quick Note About Saved Designs

If you are not ready to add products to your store when you are creating them, you can save them for later and sync them to your store  from your saved designs page.  

Please note: Not every product you design on Apliiq can be dropshipped. For example, we do not currently dropship screen printed products or products that use fabric from the Apliiq fabric library. For those products that cannot be dropshipped, you will not be able to send them to your Shopify store

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