How Do I Add Text And Numbers To Designs

How Do I Add Text And Numbers To Designs

Adding text and numbers can be an essential part of your design.  In fact, some of the best selling t shirt designs are only well design fonts and numbers.  We recommend using your favorite graphic design software to design your text and numbers, then export them as a PNG image to upload to the Apliiq website, just like any other artwork you want to upload.  This approach gives you ultimate flexibility to use any font, layout, or colors to make your text based artwork really come out great.

We recommend cropping your artwork tightly (no additional white space or transparent space around your artwork), so that you can design to the full size on the website.  If you leave a large transparent space around your image, that empty space may limit the size you can display your artwork in the mockup generator.
  loose cropping of image for custom t shirts

Here is an example of a properly cropped artwork.

tight cropping of image for custom t shirts

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