How Do Refunds Work With Dropshipping?

How Do You Fix Issues With Orders?

Please note: We don’t remake or refund orders due to buyer’s remorse, wrong sizes, wrong or inexact addresses, for artwork that doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, due to color matching or just because a product didn't turn out as you expected. 

How to submit an issue with an order

From time to time, mistakes happen. We are a team of humans and we are the first to admit we are not perfect.  If you believe there was a serious mistake with your order, we are happy to review it. If we deem the mistake was our fault, we will replace the damaged item at no cost to you. Simply email our customer service team (  Please include the following information with your email so we can review and respond to your request as quickly as possible;

  1. Let us know the Apliiq order id.
  2. Please take a quick picture (nothing fancy a clear phone photo is great) of the issue so we can see exactly what you are seeing.
  3. Include a brief written description of the issue.

All issues must be reported within 30 days of receiving the order for us to review it. Unfortunately, we cannot review possible issues reported after 30 days.

For all dropship products, we recommend ordering a sample first to confirm your artwork and that you approve of the product being shipped to your customers.
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