How Do Shipping Fees Work With Dropshipping?

How Do Shipping Fees Work With Dropshipping?

How are shipping rates calculated?

When a drop ship order is placed, your shipping rate is automatically calculated based on the weight of your item/s, where it’s being shipped to, and the quantity of items.  The quantity of items will determine the fulfillment fee for the shipment, each item is $1.  For example, a shipment containing 3 shirts weighing 15oz, shipping in the United States will cost $4.49 in shipping & $3 to fulfill.
  1. Shipping Weight - Apliiq uses the weight (in oz) of your products to determine the cost of the shipment.  The more orders weigh, the more they cost to ship.  
  2. Location of shipment - While the distance you must ship an order will typically impact the shipping rate you pay, Apliiq uses distributed manufacturing to keep shipping costs low.  Apliiq uses a single flat fee shipping rate for all states within the United States.  Apliiq Print On Demand will automatically send your orders to the closest factory to your end customer.
  3. Quantity -  The quantity of items within the order will determine the fulfillment fee for the order.  The fulfillment fee is $1 per product.

What Shipping Carriers Does Apliiq Use?

Most dropshipping orders are mailed with USPS first class or priority mail, though from time to time Apliiq may use different shipping carriers at its discretion.  For example, larger orders maybe shipped with ups.  Most international orders are shipped with Ascendia or USPS International.

You can choose to charge your customers for shipping or you can include the shipping fees in the price of your product, those options must be properly configured in your Shopify store.  The following articles will help you get shipping fees setup in your store:

You can see Apliiq's domestic shipping fees here and learn how to setup shipping rates for your Shopify store.

Learn more about setting up international shipping rates.

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