How To Buy Different Color Shirts With The Same Design

How To Buy Different Color Shirts With The Same Design

You can purchase any number of designs within a single order.  Simply add the designs to your cart and update your cart quantities accordingly.

You can buy the same design with 2 different colored shirts in a single order. The only thing better than that is know that you a get a larger bulk discount for purchasing them together.

Here’s how.

Complete the first design and add it to cart.

Close your cart panel & update the color section to a new color garment.

Add the next product to cart. You will notice that prices update based on the total number of products being purchased

Simply click “checkout” to complete your purchase.

While you can place an order with 15 or 25 different products (or as many as you want), please note that our estimated delivery time frames are based on standard orders of 1 or 2 products, not orders with a bunch of different designs.  To get the fastest delivery times for your products you can place them as separate orders.

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