How to barcode products, pack ins, and packaging

How to get barcodes and packing slips for packaging, pack-ins, and merchandise

If you are looking to send in your own packaging and pack ins, but are wondering exactly how to barcode your supplies, you are in the right place.  While barcoding can sound like a technical or challenging task, it is really simple, and very important to ensure your items are received as cost effectively and accurately as possible.

It is required to barcode your items before sending them into Apliiq

It is required for each merchandise item to be individually packaged with barcode attached.

It is required that each type of pack-ins and or custom packaging have a single barcode for the entire package.  So if you are sending in 100 stickers, the package containing 100 stickers will have a single barcode.

How to print barcodes for your packaging and pack ins

Our warehouse technology makes it easy for you to quickly and easily generate barcodes for your packaging, pack-ins, and merchandise that you will be sending into Apliiq factories for fulfillment.  Follow the simple steps below to print and attach your barcodes to your items before sending them in.
  1. The first step is to ensure Warehouse is activated within your account.  Currently, warehousing is only available for select selling partners.  You will need to reach out to and request access.
  2. Next add packaging and pack ins to your account on the warehouse page of your account.  Name your products and packaging precisely and accurately to help ensure you attach the right barcodes to the right items.
  3. Next, click the print barcode button for the item that you want to generate a barcode label for.  The print barcode button will be available for each pack in and packaging item you setup.  Please note that each barcode is unique to that item and it's important that you attach the correct barcodes to the correct items. 
  4. Last, attach the barcode to your custom package or pack in.  Either print your barcodes using a label printer like dymo, or simply cut them out and tape them on.
Use clear tape to attach barcodes to your items

What is a packing slip and why do I need one?

A packing slip is a document that clearly lists the contents of a shipment and other important elements about the shipment, like it's intended recipient.  The packing slip help is key to helping our warehouse team receive your shipment.  Here's why; on any given day Apliiq is receiving a number of shipments of supplies to produce orders as well as supplies from our other brand partners.  In order to keep all shipments in orders, we require documentation of each shipment so we can accurately sort and check your items into inventory.  The good news is, that it only takes a couple minutes to print out a packing slip for your shipment and we will show you exactly how, simply read on.

It is required to provide a physical packing slip or shipment id as part of the shipment you sent to Apliiq factories.

How to print out my packing slip

Follow the below steps to print out a packing slip for your first shipment:
  1. Once you have added your pack ins and packaging, in the steps above, navigate to the Shipments tab of the warehouse page and click the "New Shipment" button.
  2. Provide a tracking number for your shipment and add the products and quantities of each item contained in your shipment.  It's key that you provide an accurate list of products and quantities and save the shipment.  During the saving process, a packing slip will automatically be generated and load into a new window of your browser.  You can right click to download or to print the packing slip.  Simply include the printed out packing slip within your shipment and you are all set.
simply add the packings slip to your shipment when you send it in.

In some cases you may purchase your custom packaging or pack ins from a 3rd party and want that party to send them directly to Apliiq.  While this isn't recommended, we understand that it can happen from time to time.  You are still required to setup your pack ins, and packaging within your Apliiq account and to create a shipment record.  However, since you aren't handling the package it's not possible to include the Apliiq packing slip in the shipment. 

In this case, please add the shipment id to the shipping label as part of the addressee. 

In the image above, the shipment id can be found right below the barcode (SH 1137 09).  So if you are shipping this shipment to Apliiq Los Angeles, the address would be:

Apliiq Inc (SH 1137 09)
2623 E54th Street
Huntington Park
CA, 92055

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