How To Install The Apliiq Dropshipping App

How To Install The Apliiq X Shopify Dropshipping App

Installing the Apliiq drophipping app is simple!

Just go to your Shopify app store and search for the apliiq dropshipping app. Click the "add app" button.

If you aren't logged into your Apliiq account you will be asked to login. If you don't have an Apliiq account you can create one for free.

You got the app, what's next?

Once the app is installed you will be taken to your dropshipping setup page within Apliiq. We recommend you immediately complete the steps 1 through 3 of the launch checklist.

Finished the Launch Checklist? Here's what's next.

After you have completed the launch checklist, it's time to start creating your products and syncing them to your Shopify store. We also recommend you order a sample for each product to get started.
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