How To Personalize Your Shipping Label For Dropshipping

How To Personalize Your Shipping Label For Dropshipping

An important part of of your brand experience is when your customer receives their package. You are able to make it look like that package came from you by customizing your shipping label.

If you don’t setup your label address Apliiq will automatically use the Apliiq shipping address. To get your shipping label to accurately reflect your address, you need to fill out your address on step 3 of the dropshipping setup page

To Setup Your Shipping Label

Go to and login.
In the account menu, click on "Dropshipping"
Scroll down and modify step 3: add shipping label (optional) and press save

Ship from address requirements

  1. Keep in mind, special characters i.e., " ¡ , ! ¿" are not supported in a Shipping Address. 
  2. International Addresses cannot be used as a shipping address. To get around this, put your company name and use Apliiq's address.

What happens if a package cannot be delivered and a "Return to Sender" is processed?

We recommend all partners use an Apliiq manufacturing facility address as the customized "Ship From" address.  The main reason for this is simple.  While it is true that if Apliiq does receive a returned packaged, we are happy to reship it to your customer (or another address you specify), we only ask that you pay the shipping fee to do so.   But this way, you won't also have to take time out of your schedule to go to a shipping courier yourself to reship the package.  

A special note for International Sellers 

Unfortunately, shipping carriers will not allow us to ship international shipments to international addresses.  Please use a US ship from address.  If you don't have a US ship from address, you are welcome to use Apliiq's Los Angeles or Philadelphia address with your company name.  This will allow your packages to be properly branded and ensure international shipments are still delivered.

Los Angeles Factory 
Your Company Name
2623 E 54th Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255

Philadelphia Factory
Your Company Name
4560 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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