How To Pick The Best Campaign Goal?

How To Pick The Best Campaign Goal?

Picking the best campaign goal is tricky and its one of the most important planning aspects of having a successful campaign.
Understanding how the campaign goal impacts your campaign is key to setting the right goal for your campaign.
The higher the goal you set for your campaign the less each of your products costs to make, so you can achieve a higher profit.
On the other hand, if you set a campaign goal that is unachievable, you will not be able to successfully fund your campaign and won't earn any profits.
If you are just getting started there is no shame in setting the minimum goal of 5 items, to ensure you get your campaign funded. If you have absolutely no idea how many items you can sell, it is worthwhile to order a sample product to get feedback and build excitement for your product and campaign.
If you have already ordered a sample, got positive feedback and know you will get at least 10 sales from your immediate friends and family, then set your goal to 10.
If you are designing t-shirts, hoodies, or hats for a group or a team then it is easy to get design feedback and a realistic estimate of how many purchases you will get for your item and recommend setting that as a goal.
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