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How To Prepare Artwork For High Quality Neck Prints

Neck prints ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!

This article covers artwork requirements for getting great results for your private labels.

File Resolution

Recommended file resolution is 300 DPI. Minimum acceptable file resolution is 150 DPI.

File Size

We recommended file size of 750 pixels x 300 pixels, since your artwork will be printed at 2.5 inch by 1 inch.

Labels Overview

Your logo will be displayed prominently in full color at the top of the inside of shirts.

Portions of your labels will be automatically generated based on the clothing that you purchase or sell. You only need to supply your logo and we will automatically generate the other required information depending on what products need to be relabeled.  During the setup of your neck prints you can select the text color of the auto-generated information.  

Design Tip: We've found that setting the text color to be the primary color of your logo looks best.

File Types

We recommend using .png files to submit your artwork via the website design experience. The website also accepts .jpg, .gif, and .bmp, but .png is recommended.

T Shirt Color & Logo Colors

Please note that it is important to select the best color logo and text color for your neck prints.  There is a balance to be achieved between having a print color that is too close to the color of the shirt and a logo that has too much contrast with the shirt.

If you do not select colors with enough contrast your logo and label text will not be visible and the print may not look good.  On the other hand if you choose a print color that has too much contrast it's likely the print will be visible through the back of the shirt, especially on light colored t shirts.  Even black colored t shirt can have some white ink show through.  This is especially common with lighter weight material shirts, while most brand owner's don't mind, if you do mind we recommend using heavier shirts or private label tags instead of prints.

We will not reprint shirt due to artwork lacking contrast or for neck prints that show through the back of shirts, its an inherent risk of neck printing, which you are accepting as a designer.

Tag Removal Limitations

When you order neck prints we will also remove the manufacturers tag from the t shirts.  Please note, different base garments have different tags.  Tear away tags can typically be removed simply, but sewn in tags must be cut out.  In many cases remnants of tags will be visible as a nub or small strands of the tag.  This is a known and standard drawback of using neck prints.  We will not unsew and resew neck taping to completely remove tags for neck prints.  We recommend using t shirts with tear away tags or using private labels for garments with sewn in tags.

We will not remake or refund orders due to tags not being completely removed for neck prints.

Garment Types Supported

Neck prints are only available for garments that have a neck and are constructed from jersey fabric (t shirt material).  If you need to private label fleece items, use private label tags.

File background recommendations

We recommend setting the background of your artwork as transparent. 

We believe this will create the most aesthetically pleasing look for your neck prints.  The reason why is because the text below your logo is set on a transparent background, so setting your artwork to transparent background will create a seamless neck print.

Small Fonts And Details

Neck prints are not the appropriate type of print to have small fonts and detailed artwork.  The nature of neck prints is that they are small, so it's best to have simple bold artwork to proclaim your brand.  Save the text and other details for larger chest or back prints.