How To Prepare Artwork For Private Labels

How To Prepare Artwork For Private Labels

This article covers artwork requirements for getting great results for your private labels.

File Resolution

Recommended file resolution is 300 DPI. Minimum acceptable file resolution is 150 DPI.

File Size

We recommended file size of 300 x 300 pixels, since your artwork will be printed at 1 inch by 1 inch.

Labels Overview

Portions of your labels will be automatically generated based on the clothing that you purchase. You only need to supply your logo and we will automatically generate the other required information depending on what products need to be relabelled.

Private Label Template

Margin and padding

There is no need to add margin or padding around your artwork for private labels. Your artwork will be printed with approximately 1/8" margin on either side of the label.

You can use this template to ensure your artwork is properly formatted. It is setup as a 300px X 300px png. Your artwork should extend all the way to the end of the file.

Using the private label template

We recommend opening the template as it's own layer, then adding your artwork as a new layer to the file. When you export your artwork, make sure to only export your artwork and not the template layer.

File Types

We recommend using .png files to submit your artwork via the website design experience. The website also accepts .jpg, .gif, and .bmp. However, in many cases the cleanest possible tag printing requires vector artwork. We are happy to accept vector artwork via email. Please email your order # and vector artwork to and we will setup your account to use the vector version of your file for your private labels..

Label Material

All labels are printed on 100% satin tags. They are extremely similar to the tags in swimwear, they are very durable but that's not it's primary attribute. They are white, soft to the touch, extremely soft, and feel like almost nothing when they are worn. 

Label Printing & Colors

All labels are printed with industrial label printing technology, using thermal transfer. Labels are printed in black ink only. If you submit artwork with multiple colors, the resulting print will be in grayscale and appear similar to halftones.
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