How To Setup Custom Packaging & Pack Ins

How to setup custom packaging & inserts

Custom packaging can help you create an amazing brand experience for your customers and tap into an "unboxing" that will create and add value to your brand.  We are excited to partner up with you to take your brand to the next level by warehousing your custom packaging and utilizing it to fulfill your orders.  Setting up custom packaging just takes a few minutes, so read on to learn exactly how to setup your custom packaging, this quick video is a great start!

Types of custom packaging

Apliiq provides the capabilities to customize interior and exterior packaging for your products, allowing you to create a fully custom experience for your products, brand, and customers.  
  1. Interior Packaging - This packaging can be applied per item within your order.  So for example, if you would like each product individually wrapped with tissue paper.  You would setup your tissue paper as interior packaging.  Another common example of interior packaging and a scented card that you'd like folded into each product.
  2. External Packaging - This packaging is the final visible packaging that we will apply a shipping label to and will be the first thing your customer sees when they receive your orders.  External packaging should be durable and we must be able to apply a sticky shipping label to it.

Please note: although these steps are specific to packaging, the same steps are followed for pack ins.

Step 1: Purchase your custom packaging

Currently, Apliiq does not create custom packaging so you are required to source your own packaging.  Fear not, there are plenty of great custom packaging providers that offer affordable, sustainable, or premium branded options.  Pick your favorite custom packaging and pack-ins from the options below by searching them for the keywords:

Step 2: Add your packaging to your Apliiq account

Once you have sourced your custom packaging and pack-ins, you will need to add it to your Apliiq account so that we can receive your packaging supplies, keep track of them, and utilize them to fulfill your orders on demand.   Go to the warehouse page of your account and add your packaging and pack-ins.

Make sure to provide an accurate photo of your pack ins and packaging as it is critical to ensure your items are received and picked properly.  If you do not provide an accurate image it will lead to problems in receiving and fulfilling your orders.

Step 3: Setup a shipment in your Apliiq account

Now that you have added your packaging and pack-ins to your account, you need to setup a shipment within your account.  Setting up a shipment alerts our production teams that you are sending in your items and aids us in receiving your items.  To setup a shipment, you need to specific which packaging and pack-ins and how many of each we should expect. 

When you setup your shipment a packing slip will also be automatically generated for you with a unique shipment id and a breakdown of all items sent to Apliiq.  Simply, print out the packing sheet and include it in your order.  The packing slip helps our team identify which partner sent in the package, which items we are expecting, and ensures your packaging can be efficiently and accurately received.

If you are not able to include the packing slip in your shipment, you can also specify your unique shipment id in your shipping label, for example.

Apliiq Inc.  (sh 1118 02)
2623 E54th STREET
Huntington Park, CA 90255

If you do not include a packing slip or your unique shipment number on your shipping label, our team will bill you at our hourly rate to receive your items.  If you include your unique shipment number on your shipping label and/or include your packing slip, then we will receive your items for free.

Step 4: Send in your items

Now that you have your products and shipment setup in your Apliiq account you are ready to mail them to the Apliiq warehouse of your choice.

Step 5: Your items will be received 

Once your shipment arrives at the Apliiq facility, our team will receive your items to confirm we received exactly what you told us to expect in your shipment.  If there are any discrepancies they will be noted in on the shipments page within your account.  Once your items are received, we can begin to use them during the fulfillment of your orders.

With these 5 simple steps you can quickly and easily get started creating a better brand experience for your customers!

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