New- Oversized & Jumbo prints in now available

New- Oversized & Jumbo prints in now available

Apliiq is excited to announce that  jumbo and oversized prints are now available!  This article will help you understand how to prepare your artwork, find products that are good for oversized printing, and some design tips to make sure your products are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.

How to setup artwork for oversized prints

Please follow the instructions and cautions for setting up transfer prints.  Apliiq’s oversized printing utilizes transfer printing, so all the same rules and guidelines apply as standard transfer printing.  

The one exception is that you will need to prepare larger artworks in order to have a high resolution print at a larger size.  For example;

Standard Size



13” X 15.5”

14” x 19”

Pixels @ 300 dpi (ideal print)

3,900px x 4,500 px

4,200px x 5,700px

You can upload your oversized & jumbo print files like any other artwork you upload to your Apliiq account.

Which Products Have Oversized Printing Available?

The easiest way to find which products have oversized printing available is to filter Apliiq’s product catalog for the feature β€œoversized print.”  This link will take you there.

You can also double check if a product has oversized printing by scrolling down to the artwork section of the product and checking the max print size for transfer printing.

[video / gif]

What are the best placement locations for Oversized & Jumbo prints?

For the most part, placements of jumbo prints are limited to the front and back of t shirts, hoodies and jackets, simply because these are the places on garments that are large enough to fit an oversized print.

Some extra thought and care should be considered for the placement of oversized prints.  While standard size prints in most cases should be placed ~3” down from the neck, this is likely a touch too low when the print size is increased, especially for tall prints.  Please note, these are just Apliiq’s recommendations, and different placements can be used to create different design aesthetics.  There is no right or wrong answers, just what you prefer.


Standard Size Prints

Jumbo /  Oversized Prints

T Shirt Front

3” from neck

1.5” - 2” from neck

T Shirt Back

2” - 4” from neck

1.5” -2” from neck

Hoodie Front

1” - 2” from neck

1” from neck (taller prints may not fit with front pocket)

Hoodie Back

3” - 4” from neck

1” - 2” from neck

How Does Pricing Work For Oversized Prints?

The best way to get a price for a saved design continues to be to simply set up the design within your Apliiq account, the website will give you an exact cost to produce that design.  This will take into consideration all cost factories, like # of design elements, relabeling, etc.

Specifically, the pricing for jumbo prints is based on the size of the print.  Any sq inches larger than our standard print size is charged @ $.08 per sq inch.  Here are some example print sizes and their corresponding prices.

Print Size


13.5” x 15”


14” x 15”


14” x 19” 


13.5 x 19”


15” x 19”


Disclaimer about small and extra small sizes with oversized & jumbo prints.

Not all print sizes you setup may fit on extra small, small, or medium sized products.  Apliiq may print a smaller version of your artwork file on small sizes to ensure the print will fit on the size shirt your customer ordered.  We have a few suggestions to handle these scenarios:

  1. When using oversized prints, remove your small, extra small, or medium variants from your product listing.  There is no sense in selling a product that can't be made.
  2. When ordering samples, try ordering the smallest and largest size you want to sell, this way you know exactly what you are getting.

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