Large Custom Embroidery On Demand

New - Large Embroidery On Demand For Premium Apparel

Apliiq is excited to announce the arrival of new LARGE embroideries.  These new large embroideries will begin to become available on your favorite products very soon and are an excellent way to make premium apparel products that your customers will love.  If large embroideries aren't yet available on the product you want, don't hesitate to reach out to Apliiq's customer service team to request it, for the most part larger embroideries are great on heavier weight garments like hoodies, joggers, and outerwear.

How do Large Embroideries Work?

Large embroideries work very similar to how Apliiq's existing embroidery services work;
  1. Pick a product you love.
  2. Upload your artwork and select embroidery.
  3. Size the artwork to the size and placement you want it.
  4. Order a sample product to ensure your customers will love it.
  5. Start selling
However, there are some differences that you should be aware of as you start to use the new large embroidery services.

What Is A Large Embroidery?

Any embroidery file that contains more than 15,000 stitches is considered a large embroidery.  

New Pricing For Large Embroideries

Large embroidery files require more resources to create than small embroideries and are priced accordingly. 

For embroideries that contain more than 15,000 stitches, an additional $0.40 per 1,000 stitches will be added to the product price.  For embroidery files less than 15,000 stitches, pricing is unchanged.

For example, a 20,000 stitch file will cost an extra +$2 (5,000 stitches X $.40/1,000 stitches = $2.00) and a 30,000 stitch file will cost +$6.

How do I know the number of stitches in my file?

You cannot know the precise stitch count of your artwork until you digitize your file. 

Digitization is a process of converting your artwork into a format that embroidery machines use to construct your finished artwork.  There are many aspects that impact the stitch count of a file that go into creating an embroidery design like, stitch types, underlay, etc, which are determined during digitization.  The Apliiq artwork team will handle the digitization of your file for you.

However, it's important that you design and create products that are cost effective for your store.

The Apliiq website will provide an estimate for the number of stitches within your file when you upload your artwork and design your product.  

This estimated stitch count will be used to calculate the price of your design the first time you purchase it.  Once you purchase the product the first time, the file will be digitized and the actual stitch count will be known.  Once the exact stitch count is known, it will be used on all future purchases of the product.

With Large Embroideries, Sampling Is More Important Than Ever

Apliiq has always recommended our brand partners to sample products prior to selling them on their store.  Not only does this allow you to ensure your products will be made to your standards, and support your marketing efforts with good content, it also ensure you have the most accurate cost for your products.

What about embroideries setup before this change?

The vast, majority of existing embroidery products are less than 15,000 stitches and there will be no change in the price of these embroideries.  More recently created products, or older products that have revisions to embroidery files may be subject to additional large embroidery pricing.

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