New Shopify Fulfillment Permission Settings - 2023

New Shopify Fulfillment Permission Settings - 2023

New Shopify Order Fulfillment

Shopify is updating their Fulfillment requirements making it more robust handling for fulfilling orders.

The Apliiq Dropship Fulfillment app now needs additional access to your store to continue to work after the fulfillment transition happens.  Fortunately it only takes a minute or two of your time and a couple of clicks of your mouse to update the Apliiq Shopify app.

If you don't update your Apliiq app to grant access, the app will be unable to post fulfillment and shipment notifications to your Shopify store.  You can still upload order fulfillment information manually to your store.

How to Update your Apliiq Print On Demand App Permissions

Apliiq will prompt you to update your app if it needs to be updated:

However, you can also PROACTIVELY CHECK if any of your stores' apps still require the update in your Stores page

Simply click the required action button in your Stores list and then click the "continue" button when prompted:

To finish, simply click the green "Update app":

Simply complete the above steps for each Shopify store in your account.  
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