Dropshipping Out Of Stock Handling Options

Out Of Stock Handling Options

You can setup your stock management rules under the settings page of your account.

How Stock Management Works

Apliiq holds stock on some of the most popular products, colors, and sizes, but we do not stock every single product, color, size at our facility.  Additionally, we rely on our supply chain of manufacturing and distribution partners to provide access to the other products we offer as needed.  

From time to time, even the most popular products may become out of stock in a particular color or size (nationwide) at both Apliiq and our supply chain partners.  In these cases, whenever possible, it's best to find a close replacement product so that we can continue fulfilling your order and get the finished order to your customer as quickly as possible.  In certain scenarios, there may not be either a close replacement product or any replacement product available, and in these cases you may want to reach out to your customer with other options (different size or color), or it maybe best to cancel the product so we can proceed with the production of the rest of the order as quickly as possible.

What is a "like replacement?"

A like replacement is a similar product, in a similar color in the same size.  

For example, if you sold a black pullover hoodie in size medium, and that product was out of stock.  A like replacement could be a similar brand of pullover hoodie in black in size medium.  Please note, like replacements are not identical and there will be slight differences in like replacements.  

Out of Stock Rules

The Apliiq team understands that each brand is different and for this reason, we want to provide you with options for how you would like us to handle out of stock situations.  
  1. Enable fast swaps - By enabling fast swaps you are allowing our production team to use like replacements when the product in your order is out of stock.  This will happen automatically and we will not contact you.  This will allow your orders to be produced as fast as possible.  We recommend all seller's to activate this option as it ensures your orders will be produced as quickly as possible.
  2. Ask before swapping - By enabling this option, we will email you possible replacement options when an order becomes out of stock.  Please note, this option will delay orders with out of stock products as we will require your approval of which replacement product to move forward with.

No Price Adjustments On Out Of Stock Products

We will not charge you more or refund money when out of like replacements are used.  In most cases, like replacements are also similar prices and the goal is to provide the fastest possible resolution when out of stock situations arise.

Like Product Examples

The following are examples of like replacements.  They are just examples and are not hard and fast rules for exactly how like replacements will be handled.  Since stock levels are in constant flux, we will select the best replacement possible at the time.

Product Type
 Like Replacements
Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie
Independent Trading Co Ind4000, Independent Trading Co Ind5000
Midweight Pullover Hoodie
 Gildan 18500, Independent Trading Co SS4500, Jerzees 996MR,
Heavyweight T Shirt
Alstyle 1301, Comfort Colors C1717, ec1000
Fashion Fit T Shirt
 Bella 3001, Next Level 3600, Tultex 0202TC
Fashion Fit Blended T Shirt
Bella 3001 CVC, Next Level 6210
Dad Hat
BX005, BX001
Cotton Heritage M7580, IND20PNT
Sweat Pants
Gildan 18200, Jerzees 973MR
Crop Top T Shirts
Bella 6681, Next Level 5080
Heavyweight T Shirts
Alstyle 1301, US Blanks Ultra Heavyweight T, Comfort Colors c1717
Classic Beanie
1501KC, SP12, TKN24
Skull Cap
1500KC, SP08
Tultex Mens T Shirts (0202tc) 
Bella 3001, Next Level 3600
Tultex Pullover Hoodie(320tc)
Gildan 18500, Independent Trading Co SS4500, Jerzees 996MR,
Crop tops Bella    
Womens Flowy cropped tee 8882, flowy boxy tee 8881, 5080
Unisex pullover hoodie      
Bella 3719, 3739,  Gildan 18600, tultex 331tc
Heavy crewneck sweatshirt  
 Gildan 18000, ss3000, 562mr
Color Tone Tie Dye CD 100
Dyenomite 200ms

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