New Print On Demand Factory Location - Phildadelphia

Philadelphia Factory -Is Now LIVE

We are excited to announce that Philadelphia factory is now live

We will be assigning orders from the below states directly to the Philadelphia factory for production and fulfillment.

Here is what the Philadelphia factory will do for your brand

-> Increased production capacity.  We are continuing to add production capacity to decrease the time it takes to produce orders.  Our goal is that orders should be made within 1 week.
-> Reduced shipping times for most orders.  Once Philadelphia is live, we will automatically direct your orders to the closest production facility to reduce transit times as much as possible.   We will be able to 1 day ship to 60,000,000 people, 2 day ship to 140,000,000 people and most of the rest of the continental US will be a 3 to 4 day ship.  Consumers currently expect a 4.1 day average shipping time for online orders and we will fall well within that timeframe for most customers.
All shipping times are estimated

What's In It For Philadelphia & the Northeast

-> We look forward to supporting the local creative economy in Philadelphia.  For our selling partners located in the Northeast, we look forward to supporting you with a local manufacturing presence and working by your side to build your brand.
-> Providing good manufacturing jobs to the hard working people of Philadelphia and providing training and opportunity to improve their skills and develop their careers.  Philadelphia has a rich history in apparel manufacturing and we are proud to be part of its rebirth.

Common Questions About How 2 Factories Will Work

-> Sales Taxes - Updated! - There is no sales tax on clothing and apparel in the State of Pennsylvania, so we will not be charging a PA sales tax.
-> Your woven labels & patches - We will send a portion of your supplies from Los Angeles to Philadelphia so if you have products that use woven labels or patches, we will be able to produce your products in both locations.  We will update the subscriptions page to track inventory for each of your supplies at each location.  We recommend you review your auto inventory settings, as they will be triggered by inventory in either location.  For example, if Los Angeles inventory hits your re-order threshold, we will re-order more labels.  Half of your supplies will be sent to Philly the first half of January 2021.
-> The platform will automatically route orders to the closest factory to the shipping location of the order.  Initially Philly will start to service a small area in the Northeast and as it's capacity grows it will eventually cover about half of the US.

Philadelphia Factory Build Out Progress

printers are operational
ink by the gallon
embroidery machines are ready to go

When we build out a factory, we keep all key stakenholders in mind. Here we are working to repair cracks in the floor for a safe & clean work environment.

10/22 - The first phase of the build out is to clean and prepare the space.

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