How To Track Nationwide Inventory Levels For Custom Apparel

Stock Availability & Inventory - How To Track Nationwide Inventory Levels

As your manufacturing partner, it's our goal to build the best possible supply chain to deliver your products as quickly and accurately as possible.  

With recent global supply chain inconsistencies, we want to ensure you have transparency and v isibility into the supply chain and inventory levels of products you are selling.  

Stock Availability

We have added a new Stock Availability section to our product pages and your saved design pages, so you can easily see how well stocked various garments are.  It's simple to filter stock levels by the product color you are interested in.

New "stock available" section on product and saved design pages.

Please note: Stock levels are constantly changing and the stock information displayed is NOT in real time.  The website will tell you how recent the data is and you are able to update the stock level by simply clicking the refresh button.  Even if after refreshing the website displays stock in a specific product, it does not guarantee that product will be available at the time your order is placed. 

While we are happy to aggregate and publish current nationwide inventory, please know the inventory levels that display are only as accurate as the numbers that are being provided to Apliiq are accurate.  For example, most brands or distributors do not have live data, but data that is an hour old or even older.  For a second example, some of them cap the amount of inventory they make public, like "100+" or "1,000+". when the true inventories could be much higher. 

Apliiq can only share with you the information that is being shared with us and those inventory levels are not guaranteed to be accurate.

What To Do If Your Product Doesn't Have Stock You Like

If you aren't happy with the nationwide stock levels of a specific product, we recommend you create a new design and use the "switch product to Apliiq" tool to update your product in your store to use a new design.  Learn more here.

Stock Check And Notification During Checkout

However, transparency is not the only aspect that builds a strong supply chain.  Resiliency and flexibility of the supply chain are also an important characteristics.  For this reason, the Apliiq website will not block you from placing an order for a product that is out of stock.  However, we have implemented a new warning to notify you during checkout if you are placing an order when stock may not exist.  

If you place an order for an out of stock product, we will attempt to deliver that product with a like replacement whenever possible, if like replacements are not available, we will reach out with our best recommendation to fulfill your order.  Of course, if you are not happy with possible replacement options, we will cancel and refund you accordingly.

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