USPS Tracking Links - Display Old Information

Tracking Link Showing Old Information?

All shipments fulfilled by Apliiq using tracking numbers so you and your partners can track the status of their shipments as they are being delivered.

However, from time to time tracking numbers do not work exactly as we all would like them to.  USPS tracking numbers may still show information from the last time that number was used.  The tracking numbers for shipments are assigned by the carriers and there is nothing Apliiq can do to request "clean" tracking numbers, or to remove inaccurate information from tracking numbers assigned to our shipments.

Why Does This Happen?

One of the lesser known facts about tracking numbers used by our shipping partners is that tracking numbers, both domestic and international, are reused every 3 to 4 months. 

Now, when this normally happens, the shipping carrier wipes the slate clean for all of the tracking numbers so that the previous tracking history and information is deleted.

Below is an example of a newly shipped order whose tracking link still shows the August shipment and delivery:

How to fix this issue?

Please know that while we are taking this issue seriously and have reached out to all of our shipping partners, there is only so much influence that we have here and the tracking numbers that are generated when an order ships are dictated to us from the shipping partner. 

We have heard assurances from shipping carriers that the tracking links should update when they are first scanned in the new shipping process.  However, if the tracking links do not automatically update, that doesn't mean that the orders are not shipping correctly to the specified end address, it simply means that we will be unable to track the progress as all of the impacted orders have the correct Ship To and Ship From information on their shipping labels.

So we ask for your patience during this time and while we apologize for the inconvenience it has caused, unfortunately getting the issue "fixed" is outside of any measure of Apliiq's ability to control.
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