Custom Packaging Ideas For Your Apparel Line

Types of custom packaging and pack ins

Apliiq provides the capabilities to customize the entire packaging experience for your products, allowing you to own the customer experience for your products and brand. 

In the world of apparel, product presentation is an important aspect of how you want your brand to be presented.  Small "add-ons" are commonplace and consumers appreciate when brands go above and beyond to create a great experience with their products.

In this article we will explain the different types of packaging that we offer and the types of packaging we do not currently support.

Packaging Requirements

Please note that we cannot support all type of packaging and that it's your responsibility to ensure we can support the type of packaging you want to use, prior to sending it in. 
If packaging does not meet our requirements, you will be forced to pay for shipping it back to you.

Interior Packaging

Interior packaging is commonly applied to one item per product.   The most popular types of interior packaging that we support are;
  1. Hang tags -  These paper cards are typically printed on both sides and have a hole to allow them to be added to your products with a tag gun.  Hang tags that have custom attachments (string, safety clip, etc.) must be reviewed prior to sending in.
  2. Poly bags - These are typically clear bags that each individual product is folded and wrapped in.  These packages protect your products in transit and ensure they are nicely folded when your customer's receive them.  Poly mailers must be self sealing with adhesive.
  3. Stickers - Stickers are a fun way to share your art, creativity, and branding with your customers.  Giving stickers to your customers to post your brand assets all over their hard goods is a great way to represent your brand and win fans.
  4. Promotional inserts - A wise person once said, "never miss an opportunity to market your brand."  Since you are already paying to ship products to your customer's, don't miss a chance to add a promotional element to each shipment.  Promotional inserts are a great opportunity to share more information about your brand or a discount code to drive repeat purchasing with your existing customers.
  5. Embroidered patches - These are like a high quality version of stickers and allow your customers to upcycle their existing soft goods with your brand.
  6. Scented Inserts - Your shipments can now smell like you want them to when they arrive at your customer's door.  Scented inserts must be sent in packaging that can be opened and resealed (like a zip lock bag), so they retain their scent during warehousing.
  7. Small Pins  or Buttons - Are a fun way for your customers to represent your brand.  We will include them in your package, but not pin them on items.
  8. Lanyards or Key Chains - These small trinkets are a fun way to keep your brand front and center in your customer's lives.

Interior packaging must:

  1. Weigh less than 1 oz.
  2. Have no direct value.
  3. Take up essentially no space within the package. 
  4. It also must follow all acceptable guidelines for warehousing items.

Exterior Packaging

Exterior packaging is the packaging that secures your products during carrier transit, so it should be durable and water resistant.  Much like the cover of a book, it's also the first thing your customer's will see when your products arrive, so having it "fit" your brand identity is important. 

Please note that we do not accept mailers that require specific construction to use.  They should be peel and stick and not required additional tape or adhesive.

Below is a list of our favorite types of exterior packaging;
  1. Eco-friendly paper mailers - These mailers are a great way to reduce your brand's environmental impacts and reduce plastics waste.
  2. Eco-friendly (recycled) poly mailers - A good option for sustainable brands.
  3. Printed Poly Mailers - A fun way to make your packages stand out in your customer's mailbox.
  4. Branded Poly Mailers - An amazing opportunity to extend you brand's reach, a good option for high volume sellers due to production MOQs (typically 1000+)
  5. DIY Mailers - Order your favorite type of mailer and customize them yourself with stamps or stickers.  Customer's love the hand-made feel.
  6. Custom Tape- While we don't offer the ability to store your own boxes, added your own custom tape is a far simpler and more cost effective option for branding larger shipments.  Custom tape must be packing tape, have it's own adhesive, and must be sent in with tape dispenser gun.
  7. Custom Stickers- Stickers are a great way to brand your shipments and can be applied to most boxes and packaging solutions.

Exterior packaging must:

  1. One size fits most orders.
  2. Have no direct value
  3. Be durable & water resistant
  4. Must follow all acceptable guidelines for warehousing items.

Exterior Packaging We DO NOT Allow:

  1. Carboard Boxes
  2. Boxes of other material
  3. Packaging that requires construction to use
  4. Packaging that shipping labels won't stick to
Now you know everything you need to know about how you can upgrade your customer's experience when they receive your products.

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