Understanding Apliiq Dropship Product Pricing

Understanding Apliiq Dropship Product Pricing

Apliiq Dropship Product Pricing

One of the questions Apliiq gets most regularly from partners is how does Apliiq determine dropship product pricing and rightfully so! 

Understanding the costs of your product designs is a crucial component for any clothing brand partner.

Well, Apliiq has some great news for you.  

The dropship product price is a very simple and easy-to-understand formula that applies to all product designs, regardless if you are designing on a t-shirt, hoodie, jacket etc.

The Formula

The dropship product price equals the cost of the blank base garment plus the cost of each element you add to the product design.  
Dropship product cost = cost of blank base garment + cost of EACH element added to product design
As different base garments cost different amounts and each added element has an associated cost, you are always in control over how expensive your product design is by first choosing which base garment to use and then by determining what services to add and how many.

To that end, Apliiq has tried to keep costs simple to understand, and so all of our dropshippable services have flat fees at dropship pricing.

Dropship Price by Service

  1. Digital prints cost $6.99 EACH.  
  2. Transfer prints cost at least $6.99 EACH, regardless of the garment color.  The $6.99 price tag includes up to 203 square inches of print area.  There is an additional $0.08 charged per extra square inch over the 203 sq. inches included for oversized transfer prints on products that support them.
  3. Embroideries cost at least $10 EACH.  The $10 price tag includes up to 15,000 stitches, regardless of size.  There is a $0.40 charge for every additional 1,000 stitches. Please note a one-time $11 digitization fee will apply to each unique embroidery in the product design the first time the product is ordered. 
  4. Custom pockets on t-shirts cost $7 EACH.
  5. Custom hood liners on hoodies cost $16 EACH and custom kangaroo pockets cost $12 EACH.
  6. Custom printed hat patches cost $8 EACH and custom beanie hat hits cost $7 EACH.
For example, you want to build a black Gildan 5000 t-shirt product design with 2 digital prints?  Great!

That product's dropship cost will equal the $3.25 cost for the blank Gildan 5000 t-shirt plus $6.99 for the first print plus $6.99 for the second print.  When you build out the matching product design on the website and click the "Next" button in the upper right,  you will see that product design's dropship total will come to $17.23:

Two Ways to Quickly Find the Dropship Cost of a Blank Product on the Website

Now, here are the two best ways to quickly determine the dropship cost of the blank garment.

The first way applies when you have already clicked into the specific Product Listing on the Apliiq website.  Please scroll down to the Pricing Overview chart and find the intersection of the "Dropship" column with the "None" service row.  The price displayed there is what Apliiq will charge you for the blank base garment when used in a product design. 

In the screen shot below, you can see that Apliiq will charge you $6.00 for the blank Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirt:

The second way to determine the dropship cost of a blank garment actually allows you to see the dropship cost of the blank garment for several different products at the same time. 

When you are looking at a category or sub-category of apparel, say for example Men's T-shirts, the price that is showing on the left side of the price range is equal to the dropship cost for the blank garment when used in a product design.  

In the screen shot below, the dropship costs for the blank t-shirts have been highlighted- meaning that Apliiq will charge you $4.00 when you use the Tultex Men's T-shirt 0202tc for your t-shirt product's base garment:

How Do Apliiq's Labeling and Branding Services Factor Into Dropship Pricing?

When it comes to Apliiq's four different labeling and branding services, all of them can be dropshipped and made on demand. 

Regarding private label and neck print subscriptions, Apliiq gives you the first 10 private labels and first 10 neck prints on the house to try out each service.  After those are used, both services default to a pay-as-you-go pricing model where you will be charged $2.50 for each label/print as they are needed for ordered products. 

While allotments of labels and prints can be pre-purchased at dramatically reduced per label/print prices, there is no obligation to do so.  

Due to this variable pricing structure, the cost for private labels and neck prints are NOT included in the dropship cost of a product design. 

Regarding woven label and embroidered patch subscriptions, both of them are inclusive annual subscriptions.  Placing an order pays for much more than just the 100 woven labels or 50 embroidered patches. It also includes the artwork approval process, Apliiq storing your finished labels/patches at our two manufacturing facilities, tracking their inventory at each facility as they are sewn onto ordered products, and here is the real kicker, it also pays for the labor of our sewing teams sewing them on.

As such, adding woven labels and/or embroidered patches to a product design will NOT increase that product's dropship cost.  

How Does the Dropship Product Price Factor into Total Order Cost and How Payment Works?

When a customer places an order in your store, your store will automatically send the order over to our production system.  When received by our production system, Apliiq will attempt to charge your credit or debit card on file one lump sum to make and ship that order to your customer.
The following three components will ALWAYS be charged in the one lump sum for each dropship order: 
  1. the dropship cost to make the ordered product(s)
  2. a $1 dropship order fulfillment fee per item 
  3. the cost to ship the order to your customer 
The $1 fee is per product, not per order.  Shipping rates are charged based upon two factors: the country it is shipping to and the total weight of the order.  Here are links to Apliiq's domestic and international shipping rates help articles, in case you haven't seen them already.
And the following components will only be charged when applicable:
  1. any additional private label or neck print fees (see above)
  2. any one-time $11 embroidery digitization fees
  3. any plus size fees (sizes 2XL and above cost more to source)
  4. and taxes (ONLY applicable if an order's end shipping address is in the state of CA, but then 9.5% sales tax would apply)

For Example

Let's say customer John Doe orders a size XL of a black Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt product design with one transfer print on the chest and he is having it shipped to him in Kansas City, MO. 

While a different example product was shown above (black Gildan 5000 with 2 digital prints), let's do some easy math now that the dropship product price formula is known. 

Fortunately, as shown above, the cost of the blank Bella 3001 is $6.00 and this product design includes a black Bella with one transfer print.  Well, transfer prints cost $6.99 each.  So adding the $6.99 transfer print cost to the $6.00 cost for the blank t-shirt means this product design will have a dropship price of $12.99.

On top of the dropship product price, the $1 fulfillment fee per item will always be charged as will shipping.  As a single t-shirt will weigh less than 16.0 ounces and it is shipping to Kansas City, the shipping for this order would be the USA shipping rates for orders weighing under a pound, or $4.75.

As there were no private labels or neck prints added to the ordered product, there was no additional fee for them.  Likewise, any digitization fees, plus size fees or taxes are also not applicable and so won't be charged.  

That means that Apliiq would charge one lump sum of  $18.74 to make and ship this order to John Doe in Kansas City, MO.

Still Confused About Dropship Pricing?

If you still have some unanswered questions about dropship pricing, no need to worry!

Please feel free to either email Apliiq at cs@apliiq.com or to Book a Call for a day/time that works best for your schedule and our CS Team will be happy to assist. 

Have Fun Designing!

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