Updates to Bulk Pricing - Winter '24

Updates to Bulk Pricing - Winter '24

One of Apliiq's guiding principles is to be as responsive as possible to our selling partners; listening to and acting upon your feedback.   Apliiq has received multiple inquiries for regarding how best to understand the differences between bulk pricing and dropship pricing.  With this feedback in mind, Apliiq re-engineered its bulk pricing so that it has great alignment with dropship pricing, but keeping all the things that has made Apliiq bulk discounts great.

New Bulk Discount Rates

New discount rates were published February 15th, 2024.

The biggest changes to the bulk discount pricing model is that the discounts are now based on Apliiq's dropship prices.  (The previous pricing model was based of MSRP).  Now for bulk orders, every quantity you purchase in addition to 1, a discount will be applied to the order.

Discounts At Every Quantity

As you add more items to your cart, you will get a better price, whether it's 17, 29, 72, or 207 items.  Apliiq has always believed that it's best to order the quantity you actually need than the quantity you need to hit a price break.  With Apliiq bulk discounts, there aren't any specific quantities you need to hit to receive the discount.  (Many discount programs require you to hit 25 items to receive any discount).  

Discounts are Built In And Automatic

There is no funny business to receive a discount and no special code you need to enter.  Bulk discounts are applied automatically, so you don't need to fuss with the details.  Simply setup your designs within your Apliiq account, add them to your cart, set the quantities you need and the website will give you the exact price and the best discount.

Transparent discounts

While the bulk discount ranges change from time to time, you can always check the discounts on any product at any time, and Apliiq maintains a current list of discounts, which you can find here.

Always Here To Help

The Apliiq team stands behind it's commitment to help our partners strategize, design, source, and manufacture products in bulk, feel free to live chat or book a call with any questions.

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