2024 Updates To DTG & DTF Print Pricing

2024 Updates To DTG & DTF Print Pricing

Look forward to lower & simpler print pricing

Apliiq is excited to announce simplified and lower pricing for print products.  In an effort to simplify and streamline pricing for Apliiq's products the following 2 changes are effective 3/1/2024;
1. Transfer prints are now $6.99 per print, previously they were $9.99.  There is nothing you need to do to receive this change, it's already live in your account.
2. Going forward, all digital prints are $6.99 per print, previously digital printing was $5.99 for prints on white garments and $7.99 for prints on dark garments.  
These changes will make Digital (DTG) printing and DTF (transfer) printing effectively the same price.  

Pick the best print for the best result

Apliiq wants all of our partners to be in a position to pick the best type of printing for their projects, and price differences should not be a complicating matter in that decision.  Whether your prefer the screen print like results of transfer printing, or the soft hand created with direct to garment printing, you are financially free to choose the print that works best!

Keep Building, Keep More Profits

As you keep building your brand, the Apliiq team is hard at work finding more ways to build in more profit into your business.

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