Welcome to Apliiq - A Message From Groobiess

Welcome to Apliiq - A Message From Groobies

If you are looking to start your clothing line, you have come to the right place.  You are now surrounded by a creatives that want nothing more than to help you build your clothing line.  We welcome you and your creative vision with open arms.

The Apliiq platform and services have been designed and built from the ground up to support your needs to launch and grow your own clothing line.  Whether you are looking to start your clothing line as your creative pursuit, earn side money, or make it your primary source of income, you will find the Apliiq services a good fit for your needs.  

You are in good hands working with us

We know what works and what's important as you are just starting out and scaling up your business.  We know, because we have done it before, not just working alongside our current selling partners, but we have also started our own direct to consumer (on demand) fashion brand and grew it to over $1M per year in annual sales.  We took all the hard lessons we learned along that journey and put focused attention on creating a set of tools and way of doing business that makes it as easy as possible for you to start your own clothing line.  We are more than happy to share all the knowledge we have learned along the way and want nothing more than you to be successful in your creative pursuits.

The Approach We Use To Build r Business; Invest Wisely

There isn't a single way to start or grow a business, but we know from working with thousands of people to build their brands that there are approaches we can use to maximize your chances of being successful.  While we love designs and creative output that challenges the way people think and makes them think differently, we are here to also challenge the way people have traditionally gone about starting and scaling businesses.  

The approach we will use to build your business is tailored to use as little of your financial investment upfront as possible and allow your business to fund it's own growth to the fullest extent possible.  One of the biggest expenses in getting a business going (especially apparel) is funding the production of product so that you are able to sell it.  We help you utilize a drop shipping business model that allows you to only pay to create products once you have already sold an item to your customer.  

We take our inspiration from fashion brands, not "merch-wear."  So while other places invest heavily in mockup generators, we know that a good photo will out sell a mockup.  We know how to and enable you to brand apparel products properly, just like fashion brands that sell millions of dollars of apparel.  We believe in creating the highest quality apparel products available and doing it in a way that doesn't force you into huge minimums or large upfront investments.  The approaches we will use for your brand will create the highest quality products that are more profitable than traditional on demand products.

Doing it right takes time and some investment

While it only takes about a week to make your products, it does take some time to develop your brand, it's identity and a stable and growing customer base.  We'd recommend allocating about $500 in working capital to start your clothing line, if you can invest more, it certainly increases the chances you will be successful.  We know some sellers have started with absolutely no upfront investment, but it's not always recommended as every business needs capital to grow at some point.  

The Apliiq approach is also somewhat unique in that we help you develop supplies that we will use to produce your apparel.  Branding and design elements like woven labels and embroidered patches add significant perceived value to products, but are insanely cheap to utilize.  However, getting these supplies setup does take some time and investment upfront, so it's always recommended to get these supplies funded and ordered as soon as feasible.

What it means to merchandise slow and market fast 

Historically, apparel has been sold via retail channels like department stores and boutiques, but these distribution channels carry massive overhead and we believe going directly to your customer via your own online website is the best way for you to get started.  We have partnered up with Shopify, which we believe is the best eCommerce platform for building and scaling apparel on demand business.  Most importantly, it gives you the power to know and cultivate your own customers, which is an absolute key to marketing and winning sales in eCommerce.

Our experience in online marketing and eCommerce has led us to believe it's best to keep your collections small (3 products works great), but even a single product collection can produce tremendous sales.  It's always best to order a sample product and review it prior to selling it.  It will help you market better and tell better stories about your products.  We know, it's far better to continually release small collections than to release large collections and remain dormant until your next launch months away.  If you can, it's best to release a single collection per month, if you have resources to support more frequent drops, even better.

Remember it's a journey, not a destination

We are excited to partner up with you on this journey and we know there will be challenges, victories, and fun times ahead as we set out to create your apparel brand.  Never hesitate to reach out to us with questions, concerns, or help with best practices, as your partner we are willing and able to help.

With that being said, let's get this great journey started together!

Apliiq, CEO

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