What Does The Package Look Like That My Customer Sees?

What Does The Package Look Like That My Customer Sees?

Take control of your package branding!

When you are building a clothing line, it is important to control as much of the brand experience as possible. Part of that is experience is when the package arrives at your customer's door. You can customize your shipping label so it displays your store name and your address, as if you sent the package yourself.

Packaging types

Depending on the quantity and contents of the order, we will utilize different shipping packaging.  Please see the below guidelines for how your orders will be packaged.  The materials used to package your orders are included in the shipping costs.

Please note that every order is different and the above information is guidance for how most orders are shipped.  For example certain brands of hoodies require more space than others.

Custom Packaging Solutions

We are experts at branding and we know how important custom packaging solutions can be, from different packages, to sticker inserts, to hand written notes.  We see the value in these customer experience enhancements and can provide custom solutions for them.  However, in order for us to build and execute these types of solutions for partners, it requires a consistently high order volume.  If you are doing 250+ orders per month, please make sure to inquire about our custom packaging solutions and let's build a great customer experience together.

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