What is included in my clothing line subscription?

What is included with the woven label subscription?

If you are just getting started with a clothing line or have an existing clothing line, you probably have a pretty good idea about how mass produced apparel brands brand fashion products: with woven labels!  Up until now, you may have thought that level of branding wasn't even possible with dropshipping.  Well the great news, is that it's now possible.

So you maybe asking yourself, what do I get for my $100? 

Each subscription includes the following elements;
  1. We will review the logo you provide and present you with a digital mock up of what your woven label will look like.
  2. You can approve or tweak the mock up to ensure you get a label that beautifully represents your brand.
  3. Once you approve your label we will manufacture 100 labels and store them at our manufacturing facility.
  4. We will sew your woven label into your products when you order them as samples, in bulk, as part of campaigns, or dropshipped.
This is the only program that allows you to brand your own custom apparel products with your own woven label on demand.  You can see all available woven label templates here and get information on preparing artwork for woven labels here.
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