Who Is Notified When A Product Is Shipped?

Who Is Notified When A Product Is Shipped?

Once your order is shipped the tracking information will be emailed to you, just like any order placed on the Apliiq website. We do this to let you know that we have mailed the order on your behalf. However, that shipping notification is not sent to your customer. (We don’t want to let the customer know it was Apliiq that shipped it!)

Automate Notifications Using the Apliiq Dropshipping App

The Apliiq Dropshipping App additionally sends the tracking information to your Shopify store, marks the items as fulfilled, and requests Shopify to send the tracking information to your customer. By default Shopify comes out of the box with shipping notifications in place, however, it is your responsibility to properly setup your shipping notifications within your Shopify store or directly notify your customer that their package has shipped.

For manual orders

If you are manually placing orders for your customers using the Apliiq website, you will need to manually notify customers that their order has shipped.  

Automate Shipping Notifications Using the API

The Apliiq API will automatically post tracking information to the URL you provide in the Fulfillment API section of your custom store setup.  Learn more about the fulfillment api here.
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