Why Can't I Add A Product To My Store

Why Can't I Add A Product To My Store

In order to sync products to your store you must first install the Apliiq Shopify app (free). After you have installed the app you will be able to sync products to your eCommerce store.
Unfortunately, not every single product you design on the Apliiq website can be dropshipped.

This is because some products simply aren't suitable to make on demand one at a time.

If you see that the "dropship this product" option is grayed out for your product, it means that this product cannot be dropshipped on demand.

Products that are not supported in dropshipping

Not every service we offering makes sense for on demand production.

  1. Screen printed products are not available for dropshipping. Screen printing is great for larger runs of product, but this process isn't viable to manufacture a single unit on demand.
  2. Products that use Apliiq's house fabrics are not available for dropshipping. While our house fabrics are amazing, most of them are rare & deadstock, meaning that they cannot be restocked on demand.
  3. Applique/Cut & Sew products are not available for dropshipping.

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