WooCommerce Order Statuses

WooCommerce Order Statuses

WooCommerce Order Statuses and Troubleshooting Possible 'Missing' Orders

If you are experiencing issues with orders placed in your WooCommerce store not being properly communicated to your Apliiq account, there could be a very simple explanation for why that is happening and it all circles back to the order status that was sent over to Apliiq's production system.

In case you are unaware of the multiple different statuses and order can have in your WooCommerce store, here is a link to their own help article that explains and describes all of the 9 different statuses.  And here is a screenshot from that article:

Now, in terms of how our WooCommerce app communicates with our production system, orders sent over from your store with a 'Processing' status will be received normally, meaning Apliiq will try to auto-charge your method of payment on file.

However, orders that are sent over with the statuses of 'Pending payment', 'On Hold', and 'Authentication Required' will be treated as Unprocessed orders and will automatically be routed to the Unprocessed Orders tab in your Orders page.  

You will need to manually review each of these orders and decide whether or not they are real orders you need Apliiq to make and ship.  If that is the case, please follow these simple steps to fulfill Unprocessed orders.

Any orders that are sent over with any of the other five statuses will not be received by our production system.

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