How to setup Apliiq Warehouse

How To Setup Apliiq Warehouse - Getting Started Guide

Getting setup with Apliiq Warehouse is a quick and easy process.  Apliiq’s team of experts is also here to support you along the way to ensure you have things setup properly for the way that you want to use Warehousing.

For established brands, Apliiq warehouse can be a valuable approach to shipping orders quickly, improving product margins by using bulk production, or by offering products that aren't available on demand.  There is no shortage of opportunities for your brand in this brave new world.

The best news is that all of the technical heavy lifting has been done for you, and utilizing the Apliiq Shopify App, you can basically point and click your way to getting your Apliiq Warehouse setup.  

Meet With Us, We Don't Bite (often) 🤣

To activate warehousing with your Apliiq account, simply setup a quick 15 minute meeting with our team.  Apliiq has a unique & personal approach to doing business and we like to meet with partners prior to activating this service.  You can book a meeting with our friendly team using this link.  Apliiq’s team of experts will discuss how warehousing works and ensure it’s a good fit for your brand.

Update Shopify App

In some cases, you may need to update your Apliiq Shopify app in order to begin using Apliiq warehouse.  If you need to update your app, you will be prompted to automatically.  Apliiq warehousing requires permissions in addition to basic print on demand features within your store.  Depending on when you initially installed Apliiq Print On Demand, you maybe asked to update the app to grant more permissions.

Create Warehouse Shipping Profile

One of the first things to do, is to activate a shipping profile within your Shopify store.  Don’t worry, the Apliiq app will help you by automatically setting up all of your zones and rates.

Please note, for warehouse, there is a different shipping profile than for print on demand products.  This is because your warehouse products must ship from the location where they are stored, whereas print on demand products are made in the factory closest to the customer.

Go to your settings page and select the shipping tab, then select which factory you will be using.  The Apliiq Print on Demand app will create an Apliiq Warehouse shipping profile with a location you each location you select.  We recommend only selecting locations where you will store products.

Once your complete, your warehouse shipping profile will look like this;

Creating a shipping profile for Apliiq Warehouse will not automatically move your products into the shipping profile.  While this is handled as a single step in print on demand, it will happen as a separate step within Apliiq Warehouse.  Adding a shipping profile for Apliiq Warehouse, will not disrupt how your print on demand products are setup or configured!

Setup Your Products In Warehouse

Setting up products in your Apliiq Warehouse is an important step along the way because it allows Apliiq to keep track of inventory for your products, sync them to your store, fulfill them, etc. 

There are two easy ways to add products; they can be imported from your saved designs page or they can be imported directly from your Shopify store.  
Follow the instructions below.

1. Simply click the “new merchandise” button on your warehouse page to get started.

2. Select if you would like to import merchandise from your saved designs page or from your Shopify store.

If you are sending in products you have made elsewhere, we recommend setting those products up first in Shopify, then importing them into Apliiq warehouse.  If Apliiq is making your products, we recommend setting the products up in Apliiq first, then importing them into Warehouse from your saved designs.

3. Locate the products you would like to add to warehouse and select "add merchandise."    When you select a single product, all of it's variants will be added individually to Apliiq Warehouse.

4. Once your products are added to the Apliiq Warehouse they will be displayed in the Merchandise tab on the Apliiq Warehouse page.

Simply repeat this process for each product you want to warehouse.

Sync Products To Store

If you load products into your Warehouse from your saved designs page, and they haven't been sync'd to your store yet, you will need to sync them to your store before you can start selling them.

Selecting the sync your product option will take you to the product page, click "Next" and use the "drophip this product" tab to add the product to your store, just like any other print on demand product.  

Syncing a single product will sync all of it's associated variants.

Stock Your Products by creating inventory

Send your products into Apliiq Warehouse

If you have existing products or are working to create new products with a different manufacturer, once your products are complete, you can have them sent into the Apliiq warehouse of your choice. Before you send any merchandise, pack in, or packaging to Apliiq, it’s important that you let us know to expect your shipment by creating the shipment within your Apliiq account. 

Please make sure you understand all the requirements for products before you send products into Apliiq.  If you are unsure, ask!  There are many types of products that Apliiq will not hold for your brand (fragile items, items that spoil, items too large, etc).

Buy In Bulk With Apliiq

One of the best aspects for Apliiq warehouse is that Apliiq can also produce products in bulk for your brand and have them checked directly into the warehouse of your choice as part of a bulk order.  When checking out, you will be given the option of selecting a shipping address, or checking your products into Apliiq Warehouse.  Simply click "warehouse my items," to toggle between shipping products and having them checked into Apliiq Warehouse

Next, simply select the Warehouse that you would like to use;

Apliiq will automatically create a shipment record for you once your order is completed and you will be notified when your products are checked into the Apliiq Warehouse of your choice.

Tracking & managing inventory

Once your inventory has been received by Apliiq it will be recorded and tracked within the merchandise tab of Apliiq Warehouse.

Apliiq will keep track of your inventory as it moves through different stages of fulfillment, let's take a moment to make sure we understand these different stages; and how they relate to your inventory;
on hand - on hand inventory is the total number of item within apliiq factory.
available - available inventory is the total number of items that are available for sale.
pending orders - this is inventory reserved for orders already received

Sync your inventory

Apliiq warehouse can automatically sync your inventory with your Shopify store.  This important feature can ensure that you don't end up selling products that you don't have, it can also be used (depending on your Shopify theme), to display inventory quantities to your customers during their shopping experience.

To sync your inventory, select "sync inventory" from the picklist on the variant you would like to sync.

When you sync inventory to your store, Apliiq will also move the product from the Apliiq - Print on Demand shipping profile, to the Apliiq - Warehouse shipping profile, and you will officially begin to sell product from your existing stock, instead of made to order manufacturing.  You can tell which variants you have sync'd with the green sync icon:

This indicator let's you know that future sales of this variant will be pulled from your stock, instead of made to order.

Before You Start Marketing 

Now that you have set everything up, Apliiq recommends placing a test order on your store, and double check that the order is properly recorded within your Apliiq dashboard.  If everything looks good, now, it's time to start selling!
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