Requirements for sending merchandise, pack ins, and packaging to Apliiq warehouse

Requirements for sending merchandise, pack ins, and packaging to Apliiq warehouse

One of the best parts about Apliiq's warehousing solution is that there are no receiving fees for products as long as you properly package and label the items you send to us. 😁  Please review the following requirements to ensure we can receive your items completely for free!

Setup shipments within your account before sending items to us

In order for us to accurately assign your merchandise, pack-ins, and packaging to your account, we need to know that we are expecting items from you, so that when we receive the items in our factory we can tie them out to your account.   If we receive packages that do not have a shipment setup there is no way for us to receive your items and your items will be set aside until you reach out to us wondering what happened. 

If fail to setup a shipment record before sending in items we will bill you for a minimum of one hour of custom work.

Individually package each merchandise item

For items you are looking to sell as merchandise it's required to individually package each item.  Items are required to be packaged so that they stay clean and are well presented when your end customers receive them.  All items for each sku must be contained within a single package.  You are allowed to put multiple packages of different skus within a single box.

If your items are not properly packaged, it's no problem, our receiving team will take care of it and you will be billed for custom work.

It is NOT REQUIRED to individually package pack-ins or packaging, but each different package or pack in must come in it's own separate package.  For example, if you send in 2 types of branded poly mailers (100 each), we expect 2 separately bagged containers within one larger package, each containing 100 mailers.

Barcode each product

Quality and accuracy are important goals which we achieve by keeping items within the warehouse as organized as possible.  Each merchandise item within our warehouse is barcoded so it can be retrieved quickly and confirmed for accuracy during the fulfillment process.  It is required that each item is individually barcoded.  Creating barcodes for your product is simple and only takes a few minutes, you can learn how here.
For pack-ins and packaging, only the exterior container needs to have a single barcode.  For example, if you send in 500 stickers in a package, that package must have a single barcode for your stickers.  

For packaging and pack ins, due to their small value, our receiving team does not individually count each pack in or packaging sent.   If you tell us there are 100 mailers in a pack, we will receive the pack as 100 mailers. 

Warehousing your merchandise

In order for Apliiq to receive and store your inventory accurately, merchandise must be sent to Apliiq with the following box sizes;

Large Box -  24" x 16" x 16"
Medium Box -  24" 16" x 8"

If you send in box sizes smaller than the medium box, your merchandise will be stored in Apliiq's storage bins or the medium box size.

Unlike other warehouse platforms, you can mix skus within a single box, but remember each item must be individually packaged and barcoded.

If you send box sizes that are not specified above, you will be charged to repackage your items into the appropriate box sizes.  1 hour of work minimum.

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