When do subscriptions expire?

When do subscriptions expire?

Each time you purchase a subscription, it includes 1 year of Apliiq holding onto your materials. If you purchase more items within that year, we automatically extend your subscription for an additional year.

For example, if you start your subscription on January 1st your subscription will expire the same day next year. However, if you reorder more labels for that subscription on May 1st, the subscription will be extended for another year, so it will expire on May 1st of next year.

Essentially, as long as you continue to use your subscriptions, they will stay active

If you reach your expiration date and you have not purchased more of that subscription, it will automatically expire. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use that subscription for any orders going forward.

Fear not, it is simple to re-activate expired subscriptions. Simply go to your subscriptions page and click on the expired subscriptions tab. Locate the subscription you'd like to re-activate and click "activate," you will be taken through the checkout process to reorder and your subscription will be re-activated.

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