How To Update Shipping Address For An Order

How To Update Shipping Address For An Order

As your store grows you will inevitably have to update the shipping address for one of your orders. This can happen when a customer providers you an address at checkout, then realizes they have made a mistake, or would like to receive the order at a different address. Additionally, when you send domestic orders to Apliiq, we will verify that the address provided for your orders is in fact a real address. If we are unable to verify the address, we will email you and let you know, so you have a chance to get the address corrected.  Here is a direct link to your orders page.

If you are unsure whether an address is correct, we recommend you check the address using google maps.  If google maps is able to identify the address, it is likely our shipping carrier will also be able to.  However, if google maps cannot find the address, it's possible there maybe an issue with the address.

Most address mistakes are simple formatting issues and are easy to resolve.  Here are the most common shipping address mistakes and how to fix them;
    • remove # ← formatting issues with hashtag can create problems

    • Add Apt, in front of apartment numbers.

    • Put address line 2 in address line 2… for example, if Apt 3 is in address line 1 move it to address line 2

    • If there is a Company Name, move it to Company Name instead of Address line 1 or Address line 2

    • Is it missing an address line 2?

    • PO Boxes should be in Address line 1

    • Company line is never verified

    • Maybe there are special instructions like, "Deliveries in Rear" which the customer wants on the package but cannot be verified, you can move this info to Company Name section since it will not be checked as part of the address.

    • Check if there is a missing digit in the zip code

    • If the address appears with no issue, and the house or apt appears in google maps, it may be okay just not an address that is recognized by the postal service.

    • You can email your customer to confirm the address.

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