How Long Does It Take To Ship My Products?

How Long Does It Take To Ship My Products?

As you know, it’s never a good idea to keep your customer waiting. When you are dropshipping, you customers probably don’t even know that the tshirt, hat or hoodie is being created for them behind the scenes. That is why it is important than items are made and shipped quickly.

Most orders are manufactured and shipped within a week. You can check the status of your orders via your orders page within your account.

The Most Common Causes For Order Delays And How To Avoid Them

Artwork Approvals

The first time a product is orders it is routed through artist approvals.  We do this to ensure the artwork and mock up you have provided are accurate and will produce a good result in the production of your items.  There are 3 things you can do to ensure any delays are minimized for your customers.
  1. Order a sample for yourself before posting it for sale for your customers.  This ensure the entire design is setup correctly as well as provides a sample for you to use in sales and marketing. 
  2. Provide artwork that is print ready.  If you need a background removed, or the size of the file changed, in many cases we can help you with those types of changes, but they may delay the production for the order.  By providing the exact file at the right size to be printed you are removing artwork as a possible delay from your order.
  3. Follow artwork recommendations and guidelines.  While we'd love to embroidery a photo realistic version of your sweet grandma, photo realism is not supported in embroidery and it will take some back and forth to sort out the best path forward.  I am sure you can see how this could delay your order.
  4. Respond to artwork approval requests as quickly as possible.  Once you have approved all of the artworks in your order, we can begin producing it and getting it to you as soon as possible.


Apliiq is committed to delivering only high quality products to your customers.  However, from time to time an item may become damaged as part of the production process.  Fear not, we will automatically replace the item (there is nothing you need to do), however, in these cases, the order may be delayed.

Stock Issues

We do not hold stock in every color, size, and style that we offer.  In many cases, we will need to order a garment from one of our partners.  In general, the products that we offer on the platform have a solid track history of being well stocked and distributed by our partners.  However, from time to time, a particular item may not be in stock close to us or at all.   If stock is available, but it is far from us, it may require extra time for us to receive that item before we can produce it.  If an item is out of stock completely, we will reach out to you and recommend the closest possible replacement product.

# of Unique Designs In Order

The vast majority of dropshipping orders are 1 or 2 items and our 1 week production estimates are based on those figures.  If you place dropshipping orders that have many items (especially different designs), it will likely take longer than a week to produce your order.  An order with 11 different products has a higher chance of becoming delayed than an order with a couple items in it.  In general, it's best to keep your sample orders small (3 to 5 items) as it will let us rapidly produce and allow you to receive the order as fast as possible.
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